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Spotify x Google




Social, email, audio ads, in-app ads

Spotify asked for co-branded in-app and social media assets celebrating their partnership with Google and educating users about product interoperability.


Premium customers were served up ads about the benefits of seamless listening experiences between the two operating systems. Free customers were encouraged to try a free month of Premium in order to gain the same benefits.

Writing Director | Thesis
Creative direction, project oversight, client presentations 
Smart TV app integration
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Bring your listening experiences to the big screen when you download the latest Spotify app for Google TV™ and Android TV™. Watch video podcasts, kick back to audiobooks, or focus on the music with the brand-new dark mode that hides the visuals and keeps you in the moment. Tap the banner to learn more.

Watch integration
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Never miss a beat with Spotify on your smartwatch powered with Wear OS by Google. Switch between songs, playlists, and podcasts without touching your phone, so you can live in the moment. Enjoy seamless listening experiences from your wrist. Tap the banner to learn more.

Clock app integration
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As the day winds down, set an alarm that you know will start your morning on the right note. Spotify works with the Clock app from Google on your smartphone, so you can choose the perfect soundtrack to wake up to — or hear again and again every time you hit the snooze button. Tap the banner to learn more.

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