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I wear many hats.

Creative consultant

At heart, I'm a storyteller. But my analytical brain constructs every story using data. In my 5+ years as a writing director for both in-house and agency teams, I've brought my left- and right-minded strengths together to build strategic, multi-media content engines and lead up to 10 creatives in executing them.

Adventure hat


I'm a poet first, copywriter second. But they have a whole lot in common. Both create immersive experiences in a limited space. And both use the senses and most essential words to describe a moment. It’s the reason I’ve found a home in content marketing. I have over a decade of writing experience for B2B and B2C brands across social, email, web, video, direct mail, and out-of-home.

Baseball cap

Editor & proofreader

As an editor, I mold others’ words with an emphasis on story and personal connections, those nuggets that embed themselves in readers to be retold later. My master’s in publishing sparked this love for me. And I’ve honed it over 15 years working with writers, publishers, marketers, and businesses to find their stories in books, periodicals, press, communications, and blogs.



Okay, maybe a poet doesn't get hired for poetry's sake often. But if you're ever in need of a verse, just drop me a line and let's converse.

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